The Right Way to Wash A Weighted Blanket

The Right Way to Wash A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are very popular right now. Plus, if we’re being honest, we’d appreciate any reason to add another blanket, cushion, or an eye mask to our nighttime inventory for the sake of coziness.

Buying a heavy blanket that exactly fits your sleeping preferences is one thing, but washing weighted blankets are a bit more involved subject. So, what should one know about maintaining their cherished weighted blanket to keep it smelling fresh and clean?

Washing a weighted blanket regularly, like with other bedding, is vital to keep it hygienic. Keep in mind, however, that weighted blankets typically require special maintenance.

The first step is to look for the manufacturer’s washing guidelines on the label. Your blanket could be composed of a variety of fabrics, including wool, polyester, microfibre cloth, and even acrylic.

However, when washing your weighted blanket, the usual rule of thumb is to consider its mass first. Blankets weighing more than 20 pounds must be washed in a commercial-size washer at a laundromat. Its sole purpose is to protect your personal washing machine from excessive wear.

You can wash your blanket at home if it weighs less than 15 pounds. Set the washing machine on the delicate cycle and use cold water and soapy water. If your blanket contains crystal microbeads or plastic pellets, it should be safe to wash in a domestic machine.

What about the use of fabric softeners and bleach? These items should be avoided at all costs. Because they can accumulate and cause your blanket to become rough.

The frequency with which you wash your weighted blanket is determined by how frequently you use it. If you use your weighted blanket every night, you should wash it once every two or three weeks. Investing in a removable duvet cover allows you to wash the blanket without having to deal with it.

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